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Where can I get Video Poker tips and info about casinos?

I want to play video poker online, but I could use a few pointers.

Question posted by: Dickie S

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4 Responses to “Video Poker tips and info about casinos?”

  1. Carrie C Says:

    If you want a brief list with some good video poker advice, try going to They list some good video poker information, although it is not really in-depth, but it should help you improve your game and play smarter. There are also links to casinos on the internet that offer online video poker games.

  2. earth_wind_poker Says:

    i would browse your local bookstore or library for information on both. About the casinos, it depends on what kind of information you need on gambling, hotels, entertainment, nightlife, specific table games, slots, comps, etc.

  3. mathias1917 Says:

    If you are talking about holdem then goto

  4. milesblu Says:

    surf the web honey!
    my pc got a lot of message ’bout it but i’
    m not interesting!

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